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2011-2014 Strategic Plan

21 February 2011

ICANN produces a three-year Strategic Plan that is reviewed and updated annually. Leading up to the publication of this 2011- 2014 Strategic Plan [PDF, 521 KB], many community consultations were held to receive input. These included meetings with the ccNSO Strategy and Operations Planning Group, GNSO leadership, ALAC, and RALOs (separately). During the recent Silicon Valley Board Workshop, the Board formed a working group that was to discuss strategic planning and to provide direction. This group is comprised of Steve Crocker, Bruce Tonkin, Katim Touray, Mike Silber, Ramaraj, Ray Plzak, Dennis Jennings (ret), and Jonne Soininen (ret).

Following the Public Comment period for The Draft 2011-2014 Strategic Plan [PDF, 220 KB], a Public Comment Summary [PDF, 88 KB] informed this version of the Plan.

As a result of the helpful consultations and public comments received, significant and meaningful changes were made to the Draft 2011-2014 Strategic Plan. Expressly, the following changes were included:

  1. Re-organization of objectives to: (a) distinguish areas of Influence versus Control, and (b) clarify levels of engagement,
  2. Establish more measurable objectives with: (a) clear definition of desired outcomes, and (b) a consistent evaluation model, and
  3. Revised and added additional wording for clarity.

Note that in the "clean" version of the 2011- 2014 Strategic Plan [PDF, 521 KB], the underlined portions are those added or reworked as a result of Community and Board comments. Additionally, attached is the redlined version [PDF, 597 KB] 2011- 2014 Strategic plan, showing all of the wording changes that were made to the draft plan since it was previously posted on 27 November 2010.

This updated version of the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan will be presented to the Board for approval during the upcoming Silicon Valley / San Francisco Meeting, 11-18 March 2011.

Thank you for the feedback regarding the specific areas of work and its importance for ICANN's strategic and operating priorities. This will focus Board, staff and community efforts for the next three years. Your input and engagement is an important part of ensuring that the organization’s future reflects a bottom up, multi-stakeholder process.

ICANN Strategic Plan Development Process

ICANN Strategic Plan Development Process