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Public Comment: FY 11 Update to Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability & Resiliency

13 September 2010

Updated Updated 29 November 2010
4 October 2010

4 October 2010 Update – ICANN is providing an update to the public comment period on the FY 11 SSR Plan, with the posting of translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Accordingly, the comment period is being extended to 3 November 2010 23:59 UTC.

In June 2009, the ICANN Board accepted the first ICANN Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability & Resiliency. ICANN is today releasing an update for FY 11.

The plan delineates ICANN's specific programs that will address security, stability and resiliency. It also details planned activities that will enhance its contributions through the 2010-2011 operational year. This plan is an update from the initial plan published in May 2009 and is intended as a baseline document for ICANN and its community for organizing its security, stability and resiliency efforts. The plan does not envision major new roles or programs for ICANN in this area from the programs described in the FY 10 version of the Plan.

The programs and initiatives in which ICANN plans to engage during the 2010-2011 Operating year include:

  • Improving root zone management through automation; improve authentication of communications with TLD managers and continued support for the adoption of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) following the implementation of DNSSEC in the root zone in July 2010
  • Improving ICANN's Global Security Engagement with key stakeholders and partners
  • Building on the collaborative efforts of the Internet security community efforts to effectively respond to malicious abuses of the Domain Name System (DNS)

Comments on the Plan [PDF, 2.52 MB] are welcomed through 13 October 2010 3 November 2010 23:59 UTC. Comments may be submitted at ssr-plan-fy11@icann.org address and viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/ssr-plan-fy11/ address.

Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability, and Resiliency (FY 11):