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Translation Programme

Open: 13 Feb 08
Closed: 14 March 08

Explanation: The draft translation programme that will be used by ICANN to communicate and interact with non-English speakers has been put out for community comment today.

You can review it here in:

العربية | 中文 | Français | English | Español | Русский

The programme has two main aims: to inform people about ICANN as an organisation, including its history, processes, component parts and evolution; and to allow people to participate effectively in the organisation’s ongoing decision-making and policy work.

The mission of the programme is to provide those who are not fluent English speakers with an equal level of access to influence and participate in the work of the organisation.

Following community input, the programme will be redrafted as necessary and put into a Final Report. The intention at this stage is to send the programme to the Board for review and/or approval at the Paris meeting in June.

A full transcript of the public meeting held in New Delhi on Wed 13 Feb regarding this programme is also available.

Staff member responsible: Kieren McCarthy

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