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Telnic Whois Contract Change

Open: 19 October 07
Closed: 10 November 07

Explanation:Telnic proposed a change to its contract covering Whois in May 2007. This was put out for public comment and following discussions at the San Juan meeting, Telnic changed its amendment. The issue has arisen because Telnic is due to launch .tel soon and it wishes to be fully in compliance with UK privacy law before it does so because it is headquartered in the UK.

Under the revised proposal [pdf], Telnic will continue to publish full Whois information for legal persons. Telnic will collect from registrars full Whois information for natural persons, but only limited information will be displayed. Requestors seeking full contact information for natural persons may use a secure Special Access Service to obtain non-public data.

You can view all the documentation covering the amendment here.

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