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Single-Letter Domains

Open: 16 October 07
Closed: 15 November 07
Extended to
15 December 07

Explanation:ICANN is looking for ideas and suggestions on ways to allocate single-letter domains, such as,, or Currently, it is not possible to register single-letter domains in all 16 generic top-level domains, from .aero to .travel - a policy stretching back to pre-ICANN days.

However, a recent report [pdf] by a working group of the GNSO recommended that single-letter domains be made available now and into the future, with the proviso that an appropriate allocation method was devised. This forum is therefore asking the community for suggestions on what allocation methods it feels would be best. ICANN will synthesize responses and then present proposed methods for allocation for community consideration.

For more information and background, see the official announcement of this forum.

Staff member responsible: Patrick Jones

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