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Security, Stability & Resiliency of the DNS Review Team (SSR RT) - Draft Report

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Brief Overview
Originating Organization: Security, Stability & Resiliency of the DNS Review Team (SSR RT)


Purpose (Brief): The SSR Review Team is publishing its Draft Report and Recommendations for public comment to inform the Review Team’s work in producing a Final Report.
Current Status:

Draft Report for public comment

Next Steps:

Final Report and Recommendations to be developed, submitted to the ICANN Board, and posted for public comment.

Staff Contact: Olof Nordling Email:
Detailed Information
Section I: Description, Explanation, and Purpose

The Security, Stability & Resiliency of the DNS Review Team (SSR RT), constituted under the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC), publishes its Draft Report and Recommendations for public comment to inform their work in producing a Final Report.

Section II: Background

The Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS (SSR RT) commenced its activities in October 2010 and finalized its Terms of Reference in June 2011 at the ICANN Singapore meeting. This document represents the results of an 18 month period of research, analysis, interviews and consultation with the community. The SSR Review Team solicited the ICANN Community’s feedback on a set of issues [PDF, 13 KB] through a public comment period, as well as during the ICANN 40 meeting in San Francisco.

Section III: Document and Resource Links

The full SSR Review Team Draft Report and Recommendations, which begins with an Executive Summary and an overview of the Team’s recommendations:

Section IV: Additional Information

Translations of the Draft Report and Recommendations are available. The Review Team also will present its Draft Report and Recommendations in an upcoming Webinar. Please refer to the SSR Review Team's public wiki for more information:

The deadline to submit public comments is extended to 15 April 2012. The SSR Review Team welcomes submissions of comments and input during the reply comment period. Please feel free to submit any feedback you may have by 14 May 2012.

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