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Proposed Registrar Disqualification Procedure

Open: 27 February 09
Closed: 28 May 09

Explanation: The Statement of Registrar Accreditation Policy ( establishes the standards applied by ICANN in granting gTLD registrar accreditation. In addition to setting minimum qualifications, the policy describes “matters potentially leading to ineligibility” for accreditation, including disqualification of a “registrar or registry administrator, or any officer, director, manager, employee, or owner (including beneficial owners) from being an ICANN-accredited registrar or registry administrator” in accordance with procedures established by ICANN.

ICANN has developed a draft, proposed Registrar Disqualification Procedure to codify its procedures for registrar disqualification. This proposed procedure is intended to enhance protection of registrants by preventing potential bad actors from causing repeated harm to registrants and other stakeholders in the domain name space.

The draft Registrar Disqualification Procedure is being posting for public comment for 90 days to ensure broad community input. Feedback will be incorporated prior to implementation of the procedure.

Staff member responsible: Mike Zupke

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