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NomCom Review – Draft Working Group Report

Open: 5 October 09
Closed: 4 November 09 Extended to 22 November 09

Explanation/Background: In June 2007 Interisle Consulting Group was contracted to undertake the external review of the Nominating Committee, and delivered their report in October [PDF, 1,110 KB] of the same year.

Following public comments, the NomCom Review WG presented a report to the Board Governance Committee (BGC), at that time responsible for the oversight of the Organizational Review function. The BGC considered that recommendations from the NomCom review process had to be analysed in coordination with the findings of other reviews that at the time of delivery of the report were ongoing. Consequently, the NomCom review WG report was not published for public comments.

More recently – and towards the conclusion of other interlinked review processes– the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) – which in the meantime took over the duty of coordinating the Organizational Review processes – considered that findings and conclusions of the Working Group report needed to be consolidated and updated before publication for public comments.

To this end, a specific NomCom Review Finalization Working Group was tasked with the duty to update the conclusions and recommendations of the original NomCom review WG report. In order to fulfill its mandate, the WG reviewed relevant documents, and consulted intensively with NomCom Chairs of the period of 2006 to 2009, with supporting staff, and with General Counsel.

The NomCom Review Finalization Working Group issues now for presentation at the Seoul meeting and for public comment its draft report [PDF, 276 KB].

This public consultation will remain open until the 4 November 2009; however, public comments sent during the first two weeks of this period will be particularly appreciated because the WG expects to progress significantly towards the finalization of its report at the ICANN meeting in Seoul.

Staff member responsible: Marco Lorenzoni

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