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.Name Registry Renewal Agreement

Open: 29 June 07
Closed: 29 July 07
Explanation:The proposed .Name renewal agreement is fundamentally the same as what was negotiated and approved for .Biz, also an unsponsored/restricted gTLD, in 2006. A marked version contrasting the approved .Biz agreement to the proposed .Name renewal agreement can be viewed here [pdf].

There are elements of the proposed renewal agreement that vary from the current .Name agreement. This table [pdf], summarizes all the differences between the 2001 and proposed 2007 agreement. The substantive changes include:

  • .Name currently pays an annual fixed fee that has been subject to a maximum 10% annual increase since its inception. The proposed renewal agreement contains the same registry-level transaction fee schedule as the recently approved gTLD agreements.
  • .Name makes a distinction between traditional second and third-level registrations vs. bulk third-level registrations. Bulk is defined as sales of 50,000 names or more under .Name’s consumer mass-market approach to third-level registrations. .Name has said their mass-market approach to third-level registrations is needed for the consumer market to prosper and grow.
  • Bulk third-level registrations have a fee, as of the effective date of the agreement, roughly equivalent to 5% of revenue with: no minimum fee vs. second-level and traditional third-level registrations that have a fee minimum of $0.15US per registration: and a fee cap of $0.15US vs. other recently approved registry agreements that have a fee cap of $0.25US.

This fee structure is intended to facilitate the sale of third-level names via a special program, a form of innovation, intended to provide new consumer choices.

The proposed .Name renewal registry agreement can be viewed here [pdf], with its appendices downloadable here [pdf].

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