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Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (Initial Report)

Open: 9 January 09
Closed: 30 January 09

Explanation: The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) Part A Policy Development Process is the first in a series of five planned policy development processes (PDPs) to address areas for improvements in the existing Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy.

The IRTP Part A PDP concerns three 'new' issues: (1) the potential need for exchange of registrant email information between registrars, (2) the potential need for including new forms of electronic authentication to verify transfer requests and avoid 'spoofing', and (3) to consider whether the IRTP should include provisions for 'partial bulk transfers' between registrars. See the official announcement for more details.

A Working Group, launched by the GNSO Council for this PDP, started its deliberations on 5 August 2008 and has now published an Initial Report. The Working Group is inviting your comments on the Initial Report which can be found below:

Staff member responsible: Marika Konings

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