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Name: Bolutife Adisa
Date:28 Nov 2022
Summary of Submission

Under "5. Additional topics with potential impact effectiveness CSC" , it was stated as a recommendation number 6 as highlighted below:

"6. Recommendation. The Team recommends that the ccNSO and RySG each appoint one (1) alternate. The Team also recommends that the liaison appointing organizations each appoint one (1) alternate. The CSC recommends that this will be resolved procedurally by the CSC, in consultation with the appointing organizations and not through a Charter amendment."

I would further recommend that the appointing organizations ensure a requirement that addresses the timezone difference while selecting an alternate for the CSC appointees. The idea of appointing alternates would ease the pressure on the members, however, it does not necessarily address the challenge posed by the difference in individual time zones - which was adequately highlighted as part of the many challenges that affect the meeting attendance and working of CSC members. While the requirements for selecting representatives remain the prerogative of the appointing organization, it is important for them to set a requirement that will ensure any scheduled meeting time can be conveniently managed by members or alternates when it comes to attendance.