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IDN .test Evaluation Plan

Open: 19 June 07
Closed: 31 July 07
Explanation: ICANN has developed a plan for inserting IDN TLDs into the root zone for evaluation. The .test plan contains two separate evaluation facilities for testing in a live environment.

The draft .test plan is posted here for public comment [pdf]. It contains a preliminary list of scripts for the example.test evaluation strings. Recommendations for changes or additions to this list of strings will be carefully reviewed. A final version of the plan will be provided for ICANN Board consideration at its 14 August 2007 meeting.

Translation of the .test plan into Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese is currently underway and will be released shortly.

Update (19 July): In response to comments made on this public forum, the Evaluation Plan has been updated. Specifically, an amended version of the proposed label for the Persian TLD has been posted (review it here [pdf]). The changes that have been made: (i) replaces the previously suggested Persian .test TLD with an alternate TLD label that more clearly reveals the Persian YEH, and (ii) changes of the reference to the name of the language from Farsi to Persian.

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