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Global DNS-CERT Business Case

Open: 12 February 2010
Closed: 29 March 2010 Extended to 14 April 2010

Explanation/Background: The paper describes the case for the creation of a Domain Name System-Computer Emergency Response Team (DNS-CERT) [PDF, 601 KB] devoted to both proactive and reactive measures related to DNS security, stability and resiliency would lessen the impact of future attacks against or failures of the system. The paper includes a description of the operational concept, services analysis, and suggested governance and funding models.

Note: The Global DNS-CERT Business Case is published as an effort beyond those which are currently identified for Security, Stability and Resiliency in the FY 11 ICANN Operational Plan and Budget framework to be posted for the Nairobi meeting. ICANN is seeking public comment on these documents in order to obtain community feedback. An open consultation session is also planned for the ICANN Nairobi meeting and details will be made available on the overall meeting schedule.

Staff member responsible: Yurie Ito

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