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IDN Brochure [PDF, 540 KB]

IDNs Usability and Availability Brochure [PDF, 655 KB]

New gTLD IDN Program Fact Sheet [PDF, 794 KB]

For information on IDN Performance Metrics, please visit the IDN Dashboard


EURid-UNESCO World Report on Internationalised Domain Names Deployment 2012 [PDF, 3.83 MB]
Quantitative report examining global use of Internationalized Domain Names, published in November 2012 by EURid and UNESCO.


Document Revision Archives:

Original Implementation Plan of 16 Nov 2009 [PDF, 498 KB]

Revised Implementation Plan of 15 Dec 2011 [PDF, 805 KB]

Revised Implementation Plan of 4 June 2012 [PDF, 887 KB]

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