Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

IDN Implementation Guidelines

Guidelines for Implementation of IDNs

The Guidelines are a list of general standards for IDN registration policies and practices that are designed to minimize the risk of cybersquatting and consumer confusion, and respect the interests of local languages and character sets. Registries seeking to deploy IDNs under their agreements with ICANN have been authorized to do so on the basis of the Guidelines.

Version 3.0 (2 September 2011) | [PDF, 79 KB]

Version 2.2 [PDF, 49 KB] (26 April 2007)

Version 2.1, by ICANN and leading IDN Registries (22 February 2006)

Version 2.0, by ICANN and leading IDN Registries (7 November 2005)

Version 1.0, by ICANN and leading IDN Registries (20 June 2003)

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