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About ccTLD Compliance

ICANN does not have contract authority to take compliance action against ccTLD operators.

Although ICANN has signed over 50 Accountability Frameworks and Exchange of Letters and a limited number of sponsorship agreements and MoUs with ccTLDs, the scope of these arrangements is limited to documenting a small set of roles and areas of responsibilities between the ccTLD manager and ICANN.

For ccTLDs, this includes commitments to adhere to relevant technical standards. ICANN works cooperatively with ccTLD operators to resolve technical issues of the common interest to ensure the security, stability and operability of the Internet.

The ccTLD policies regarding registration, accreditation of registrars and Whois are managed according to the relevant oversight and governance mechanisms within the country, with no role for ICANN's Compliance department in these areas.

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To contact a specific ccTLD operator in order to file a complaint or identify their local policies, refer to the IANA Root Zone Database which contains the authoritative record of the operators of each country-code top-level domain: Root Zone Database

Full list of ICANN agreements with ccTLD managers | Archived ccTLD compliance page

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