Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

DCA Trust v. ICANN

This page collects documents from the Independent Review Proceeding filed in accordance with Article IV, section 3 of the ICANN Bylaws. They are arranged by initial filing date in descending order.

ICANN's Response to Claimant's Amended Notice; Declarations of Cherine Chalaby and Heather Dryden; Exhibits [PDF, 3.72 MB] 10 February 2014
Amended Notice of Independent Review Process [PDF, 100 KB] 10 January 2014
Notice of Independent Review [PDF, 892 KB] 24 October 2013
DCA's Request for Interim Relief; Annexes in support of Request [PDF, 2.15 MB] 28 March 2014
ICANN's Response to DCA's Request for Interim Relief; Exhibits in support of Response [PDF, 4.23 MB] 4 April 2014
Procedural Order No. 1 [PDF, 3.82 MB] 24 April 2014

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