Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


Organizational reviews are part of ICANN's program of continuous improvement and are intended to ensure an independent examination of the role and operation of key structures of ICANN.

The process of organizational review includes an assessment of the structure under review, conducted by an external and independent consultant, under the Board's Structural Improvements Committee (SIC)’s oversight, and with the opportunity for public comments on findings and proposed improvements.

The Bylaws and the systematization of OR processes [PDF, 671 KB] prescribe the following methodology:

Reviews Process Methodology

For full methodological reference, please consult the SIC’s systematization of the OR processes [PDF, 671 KB].

The Review Working Group (WG) is formed:

  • To help ensure that the evaluator's final report (independent review) contains the data and information needed to perform the review;
  • To inform the Structural Improvements Committee and the Board of the continuing validity of the reviewed constituency within the ICANN structure and of any structural or operational change that would be desirable in order to improve its effectiveness;
  • To recommend a comprehensive proposal to enhance the involvement of the individual Internet user community in ICANN.

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