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Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Review


The Address Supporting Organization (ASO) is one of the supporting organizations that the ICANN Bylaws prescribe as "formed through community consensus". The purpose of the ASO is to advise the Board with respect to policy issues relating to the operation, assignment, and management of Internet addresses. The ASO is the entity established between ICANN and the Number Resource Organization (NRO), an organization of the existing regional Internet registries (RIRs).

Status: WG/SIC

March 2012 ITEMS International delivers its final report [PDF, 3.75 MB]. The report is submitted for public comment to inform the NRO as well as ICANN in preparation for further steps in the review process.
September 2011 Items International issues a global survey. The ASO/NRO publishes a call for survey participation.
June 2011 Singapore Meeting – Items International hired as independent review consultants are performing interviews at the ICANN 41 Meeting.
December 2010 The NRO publishes a Request for Proposals for Consulting Services. Applications must be submitted by 31 January 2011 to the Chair of the NRO at
August 2010 Discussions are ongoing between the SIC and the NRO about the modalities for the ASO review.

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