Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Board-GAC Recommendation Implementation Working Group

The Board-GAC Recommendation Implementation Working Group was created by the ICANN Board on 17 September 2011 in resolution 2011.09.17.10 to lead the Board's coordination with the GAC on the implementation of recommendations of the JWG and the GAC-related recommendations of the ATRT.

The Board-GAC Joint Working Group (JWG), which was previously tasked with the oversight of the GAC-related recommendations from the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT), was dissolved in resolution 2011.06.24.26, after the Board received its Final Report [PDF, 447 KB].

At its meeting on 22 October 2011, the ICANN Board approved the Board membership of the Board-GAC Recommendation Implementation Working Group as recommended by the Board Governance Committee in resolution 2011.10.22.01.

The Board members who were approved by the Board to participate in the Working Group are:

Chris Disspain, Bill Graham (cochair – with GAC-identifiend cochair), Ram Mohan, Ray Plzak, Mike Silber.

At the Dakar Meeting, the Board approved an update to the membership of the Working Group. The Board approved Erika Mann as participant in the Board/GAC Recommendation Implementation Working Group in resolution 2011.10.28.12.

At the Costa Rica meeting, the Working Group announced the final implementation of ATRT Recommendations addressing GAC Advice (Recommendation 9) and the creation and operation of a GAC Advice Register (Recommendation 10).

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