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Five-Year Strategic Plan - Planning Process


Join us as we work to finalize ICANN's new, overarching vision and Five-Year Strategic Plan. Your opinions and perspectives are critical to our process and we encourage you to participate before we complete the new plan in June 2014.

Call for Public Comment

ICANN Draft Five-Year Strategic Plan
(FY16 – FY20)

Draft Vision & Plan for Public Comment

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Built on community input received throughout an extensive, public strategy conversation, the Draft Strategic Plan proposes a new Vision, reiterates ICANN's existing Mission, and describes five focus areas with Strategic Objectives and Measurable Goals. This is the second draft for public comment provided here after incorporation of community input, as well as Board input and approval of this draft.

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What is Next

  1. 9 April – 31 May: This public comment period is open
  2. June: Comments considered and incorporated as appropriate
  3. June: Final draft delivered for Board consideration & action

Strategy Panels

Draft Reports for Public Comment

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Exploring issues raised by the community to support the planning process, four Strategy Panels posted draft reports for public comment. Input will be carefully considered as the Panels conclude their work.

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What is Next

  1. 25 Feb – 30 April: This public comment period is open
  2. May: CEO/Board considers public comments, next steps on Strategy Panel output, as appropriate
  3. June: Strategy Panels are dissolved as planned

Five-Year Strategic Plan – Planning Process

How we got here

The Draft ICANN Five-Year Strategic Plan is the result of an extensive, collaborative, bottom-up, multistakeholder process that began in April 2013 online and at the ICANN meeting in Beijing. ICANN has sought extensive public input on its key challenges and opportunities [PDF, 209 KB] and on the eight strategic areas highlighted by ICANN's Board. Work and input on related initiatives, such as the Security, Stability & Resiliency Framework, and the Regional Engagement Strategies, are also informing the Strategic Plan, along with the Strategy Panels' advice and, of course, public comments. Comments received on the Draft Strategic Plan, as well as on the output of the Strategy Panels, will be considered and incorporated, as appropriate, into a Final ICANN Five-Year Strategic Plan in June 2014.


Strategy Planning Timeline

Strategy Panels

More than 40 diverse practitioners, subject matter experts, and thought leaders joined ICANN as members of ICANN's four temporary Strategy Panels to "drill-down" on strategic issues highlighted in community conversations and provide advice for consideration and comment. The panels are focused on:

  1. Identifier Technology Innovation
  2. Multistakeholder Innovation
  3. Public Responsibility Framework
  4. ICANN's Role in the Internet Governance EcoSystem

The Strategy Panels serve as an integral part of a framework for cross-community dialogue on strategic matters. Designed to concentrate on critical strategic areas identified by the community, Board, and staff [PDF, 209 KB], the work of these panels is building on public input being generated to inform ICANN's planning process, as appropriate. Panel recommendations are posted for public comment.

Putting the Five-Year Strategic Plan to use in FY16-20

Beginning with the FY16 annual planning process, the Five-Year Strategic Plan will inform the annual planning process. Additional details on how this will work will be provided when we reach this phase of planning later in 2014, but as a preview this graphic shows at a high level the expected annual planning cycle for FY16-20.

Annual Planning Process

As illustrated, the Five-Year Strategic Plan will inform the multi-year planning of activities, and these activities will be defined by annual plans and budgets. The progress of work, accomplishments toward goals and effectiveness of strategies will be managed and reported through ICANN's Managements Systems, including through a set of key success factors (KSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs). These will inform an annual check of the Strategic Plan to validate that the organization is on-track, or that adjustments are needed.

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