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Where Do I Start If I Want IPv6 Internet Access?

If you have a home network, once your ISP has given you an IPv6 service, enabling IPv6 might require changing the router or modem you use to access the Internet. Your ISP should advise you on suitable models when they start providing you IPv6 connectivity. All modern computer operating systems are ready to use IPv6.

Whether you want IPv6 Internet access at home or at work, you'll find IPv6 available from some ISPs, even if your current provider is not ready yet. Alternatively, if you are technically minded you might want to configure an IPv6 tunnel from an IPv6-ready service provider. Some IPv6 service providers offer tunnels for free.

Business networks will also need to make sure that their public services, such as DNS, web and e-mail are available over IPv6. This can either be done by bringing in IPv6 connectivity and running services on your own network or by hosting your public services with one of the many DNS, web hosting and e-mail providers offering IPv6 connectivity.

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