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Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS Review Team – Call for Applicants Applications Received

1 June 2010ICANN publishes a Call for Applicants [PDF, 86 KB] for the Position of Volunteer Review Team Member representing a SO/AC. Along with a CV and letter of motivation, interested volunteers are invited to specify the SO/AC they wish to represent during the process so as to validate their application.

12 September 2010 – SO/ACs to announce endorsed candidates.

September 2010 – Selectors issue their General Approach to Review Team Member Selection [PDF, 88 KB]

Please refer to the composition foreseen by the Selectors – Mr. Rod Beckstrom, ICANN’s CEO and Mrs. Heather Dryden, Chair of the GAC, at

30 September 2010 – Selectors announce the composition of the Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS Review Team – please refer to the announcement

Name of Candidate SO/AC Country Documents SO/AC Endorsement
Mr. Alejandro Pisanty ALAC MX Endorsed Priority
Mr. Anders Rafting GAC SE Endorsed
Mr. Bill Smith GNSO US Not Endorsed
Mr. David Cake GNSO AU Endorsed
Mr. Duncan Hart SSAC UK Not Endorsed
M. Eric Brunner Williams GNSO US Not Endorsed
Mr. George Sakyi GNSO GH Not Endorsed
Mr. Hartmut Glaser ASO BR Endorsed
Mr. James Galvin SSAC US Endorsed
Mr. Jeff Brueggeman GNSO US Endorsed
Mr. Jeremy Hitchcock SSAC US Not Endorsed
Mr. Kenneth Silva GNSO US Endorsed
Mr. Lutz Donnerhacke ALAC DE Endorsed
Mr. Martin Hannigan SSAC US Endorsed
Mr. Ondrej Filip ccNSO CZ Endorsed
Mr. Richard Wilhelm GNSO US Endorsed
Mr. Rodney Joffe GNSO US Endorsed
Mr. Simon McCalla ccNSO UK Endorsed
Mr. William Manning RSSAC US Endorsed
Mr. Xiaodong Lee SSAC CN Not Endorsed
Mr. Yonglin Zhou SSAC CN Not Endorsed

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