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Applications Received for the Accountability and Transparency Review 1 (ATRT 1)

11 January2010ICANN publishes a Call for Applicants [PDF, 86 KB] for the Position of Volunteer Review Team Member representing a SO/AC. Along with a CV and letter of motivation, interested volunteers are invited to specify the SO/AC they wish to represent during the process so as to validate their application. Only endorsed candidatures shall be considered by the Affirmation-mandated Selectors.

18 February 2010 – The GNSO issues a set of additional information requirements [PDF, 25 KB] for candidates submitting their applications for GNSO endorsement.

7 March 2010 – Application deadline for a position on the Accountability and Transparency Review Team expires. Applications are sent to the relevant SO/ACs for endorsement.

12 March 2010 – Nairobi – The Selectors determine the composition of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team.

17 March 2010 – The SO/ACs reveal the names of endorsed candidates.

29 March 2010The Selectors announce the names of the members of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team.

The following table represents – in alphabetic order – all candidatures received, with links to the documents containing the candidatures.

Candidate Gender Country SO/AC Documents SO/AC Endorsement
Adelman Warren M US GNSO Endorsed
Altamira Matίas M AR ALAC Endorsed
Andruff Ronald M US GNSO Not endorsed
Bauer Raul M AR ALAC Not endorsed
Bohannon Mark M US GNSO Not endorsed
Brunner-Williams Eric M US GNSO Not endorsed
Burr Beckwith (Becky) J. F US CCNSO Endorsed
Colasanti Fabio M EU GAC Endorsed
Corbin James M BB ALAC Endorsed
Currie William M ZA GNSO Endorsed
Cute Brian M US GNSO Endorsed
Goldstein Laura Roxana F AR ALAC Not endorsed
Iriarte Erick M PE ccNSO Endorsed
Kshatriya S.S M IN GNSO Not endorsed
Langdon-Orr Cheryl F AU ALAC Endorsed - Prime candidate
Lee Louie M US ASO Endorsed
Levine R. John M US ALAC Endorsed
McEvedy Victoria F UK GNSO Not endorsed
Muron Olivier M FR GNSO Endorsed
Nga Kisito Bertrand M CM GAC Endorsed
O’Connor Mike M US GNSO Not endorsed
Pruis Elaine F US GNSO Endorsed
Rahman Hakikur M BD GNSO Endorsed
Snyder Kurt M US ALAC Not endorsed
Wilkinson Christopher M BE ALAC Endorsed - Prime candidate
Zhang Xinsheng M CN GAC Endorsed

Number of Applications for the Accountability and Transparency Review per SO/AC

Gender RepresentationApplications per Region


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