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.POST Sponsorship Agreement

Open: 2 November 09
Closed: 1 December 09

Explanation/Background: ICANN and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) have reached an agreement in principle for the UPU sponsorship of the .POST Top-Level Domain. Final approval of the agreement is subject to ICANN's public comment process and consideration by the Board of Directors.

The .POST agreement contains several material deviations from the terms of existing sTLD agreements and those are highlighted in the below referenced summary of contractual provisions. The UPU cited their status as an intergovernmental organization and specialized agency of the United Nations as the reason it sought unique contractual provisions. The most significant change to the agreement is the addition of Section 8.11: Provisions Relating to the Sponsor as a Specialized Agency of the United Nations.

The .POST Sponsorship Agreement can be viewed at [PDF, 128 KB], its appendices at [PDF, 244 KB] and a summary of contractual provisions at [PDF, 36 KB].

Comments should be submitted to and can be viewed at

Public comment is sought on the .POST Sponsorship Agreement.

Staff member responsible: Craig Schwartz

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