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Name: Max Menius
Date:24 Oct 2021
Affiliation: Domain Registrant Rights
Other Comments

There is a concern that the EPDP-IGO team may have not fully considered the negative consequences of their initial policy proposal on the inherent rights of legal domain name registrants. While weighed against the need to protect international trademarks, it is extremely important that any policy revisions not dilute the protections currently afforded to domain name registrants.

Cybersquatting represents a tiny proportion of total global domain name registrations. Facilitating trademark protections is indeed necessary, but the processes provided to complainants should be balanced with legitimate protections for domain registrants whose assets are sometimes unfairly threatened in reverse domain name hijacking attempts.

Any ICANN-approved process that disproportionately empowers complainants will specifically disadvantage legal domain name registrants who must defend their assets against purposeful & strategic overreach by bad actors seeking to misidentify legal registrants as "cybersquatters".

Thank you for considering these comments.

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Protection of Domain Name Registrant Rights