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.ASIA One and Two Character Allocation Proposal

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Open Date: 4 November 2011
Close Date: 16 Dec 2011 Public Comment Announcement To Submit Your Comments (Forum Closed)
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Originating Organization: Registry Department

DotAsia is proposing to amend its 2006 agreement ( to allow the introduction of one- and two-character .ASIA domains to the marketplace. The community is encouraged to comment on this proposal until 16 December 2011.

The implementation would be done through an equitable phased allocation program, which has three main components:

  1. A Pioneer Domains Program (a.k.a. and RFP process) to invite interested registrants to propose specific plans for use and promotion; and
  2. A Sunrise round for eligible trademark names holders and company names holders to submit applications for domains not allocated in the RFP round; and
  3. A Landrush and Auction round for domains not allocated during the Pioneer Domains Program and Sunrise processes. Similar to the .ASIA Startup processes, where more than one successfully verified application is received during any of the periods, an Auction will be held between the successfully verified applications.
This equitable phased allocation program is designed and aimed to ensure greater usage and promotion commitments resulting in awareness of the .ASIA domain within the community, and to better serve the Internet community in Asia Pacific region.
Current Status:

This proposal came to ICANN on 9 August 2011through the RSEP Process, which can be seen here: For details about the evaluation process, see:

The language of the amendment can be seen in this Appendix 6 redlined draft [PDF, 276 KB], which should be read in conjunction with the RSEP request [PDF, 21 KB].

Next Steps: The Board will consider whether to proceed with the proposed revisions to the Conflicts of Interest Policy and Bylaws.
Staff Contact: Karla Valente Email: