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IANA Committee (IC) Minutes 14 April 2011

IC attendees: Kuo-Wei Wu – Chair; Bertrand de La Chapelle, Thomas Narten, Ray Plzak, and Katim Touray

Apologies: Suzanne Woolf

Other Board attendee: Steve Crocker

Staff Members Present: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; Elise Gerich, Vice President, IANA; Jamie Hedlund, Vice President of Government Affairs – Americas; Kim Davies, Samantha Eisner, Barbara Roseman, Diane Schroeder, Amy Stathos, and Leo Vegoda

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes: Reviewed and approved the minutes of the prior committee meeting.

  2. Root Zone Automation: Received a presentation from staff regarding the final stages of deployment testing.

  3. Business Excellence Initiative: Received an update from staff on the 2011 Business Excellence self-assessment underway within the IANA Functions Department, including focuses on documentation of process in consistent methodology, and the continued work underway in preparation for a further self-assessment in early 2012.    

  4. Terminology of Criteria for Delegations and Redelegations: Received a report from staff regarding the potential for interim refinement to criteria for delegations and redelegations of ccTLDs while awaiting further policy recommendations from the ccNSO.  The proposal for interim refinement was discussed with members of the ccNSO, with particular focus with reference to local community support, and staff now requires direction from the IC on how to proceed.  The IC also discussed how to refine the papers presented to the Board on delegation decisions, as well as to increase the transparency of those papers.  The IC discussed the need to consult with the Board as a whole and others regarding any action on a recommendation from the IC on this issue.

    • Action:

      • Staff to prepare alternative proposals for IC consideration, including timelines and processes for consultation, for discussion at the May IC meeting.

      • Future IC agenda to include discussion of IC role in reviewing delegation and redelegation items prior to Board decision.

  5. Action items: Received staff update on open action items list, noting that a communications plan item was delayed and is now scheduled for completion by the end of April.

    • Action:

      • Discussion relating to display of contact information in the IANA database to be placed on IC’s agenda for May meeting.

  6. IP Address Assignment Issues: The IC briefly discussed IP Address assignment issues, including the ongoing policy work within the ASO.