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Minutes | Board Audit Committee (BAC) Meeting 2 March 2022

BAC Attendees: Alan Barrett, Sarah Deutsch (Chair), Mandla Msimang, Ihab Osman, Kaveh Ranjbar, and Katrina Sataki

BAC Member Apologies: Akinori Maemura

Other Board Member Attendees: Avri Doria and Patricio Poblete

ICANN Organization Attendees: Xavier Calvez (SVP, Planning and Chief Financial Officer), Franco Carrasco (Board Operations Specialist), Liz Le (Associate General Counsel), Becky Nash (VP of Planning), Brett Peterson (Director Accounting), Shani Quidwai (Sr. Director Finance), and Amy Stathos (Deputy General Counsel)

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Opening Remarks The Chair opened the meeting and reviewed the meeting agenda.
  2. BAC Work Plan – The Committee reviewed its work plan which is currently on track.

  3. Request for Proposal (RFP) for Independent Audit Services – The BAC previously recommended that ICANN org perform a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the independent audit services for both ICANN and its wholly owned subsidiary, Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), for FY22, considering that the most recent audit firm has performed such services for the past eight years. The BAC received a briefing on the RFP that was conducted from 1 December 2021 to 5 January 2022. ICANN issued the direct RFP to 11 audit firms. Five of the 11 firms participated in the RFP. The BAC reviewed and discussed the vetting process that carried out by the org, which included a 75-part questionnaire and oral presentations from all five candidates. The BAC reviewed and discussed firms' qualifications and costs proposals, and ICANN org's recommendation. Following discussion, the BAC agreed to recommend that the Board approve the engagement of the firm recommended by ICANN org to provide independent audit services for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2022. The BAC noted that the reporting of this matter at the Committee and Board level will remain at a high level, and, where necessary, certain confidential information will be withheld from disclosure for negotiation purposes.
    • Actions: ICANN org to prepare relevant Board materials.

Published on 3 May 2022