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Cyber Security Is Everyone’s Business

12 décembre 2007
Par ICANN Blog

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If you want to know about cyber security for CEOs, we have the report you need.

This week the British North American Committee released “Cyber Attack: A Risk Management Primer for CEOs and Directors.” [PDF, 1,372K] ICANN CEO Paul Twomey was a key architect of the report.

One thing is clear — every business, every government, every organization that uses the Internet in its day-to-day operations is vulnerable. Simply put, cyber security is no longer “one for the IT department.” Just as CEOs and Directors are responsible for ensuring that their Chief Financial Officers manage funds properly, they must now satisfy themselves that the Chief Information Officer has taken steps to safeguard the organization’s resources.

The British North American Committee (BNAC) is made up of business, labor, and academia leaders in the UK, US, and Canada who are committed to harmonious, constructive relations among their countries and their citizens. It meets regularly to discuss common concerns with invited experts and senior policymakers in an off-the-record setting, and its regular research and publishing program seeks to discover and disseminate potential solutions.

Both BNAC and ICANN want to hear your thoughts on cyber security, especially in the business environment. Please share those thoughts on this blog, along with any ideas you think will help counter cyber warfare and cyber predation.