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Third Update on .org Reassignment Process

21 août 2002

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This is an update on the status of the evaluation of the eleven applications ICANN received from entities seeking to become the registry operator for the .org top-level domain on 1 January 2003, when VeriSign, Inc. gives up that role. For more information, see the previous updates that were published on 25 July 2002 and 4 August 2002.

Supplemental Questions to Applicants and Answers Posted

Supplemental Question 2 was posed to all applicants on 7 August 2002. Supplemental Question 3 was posed to Internet Multicasting Service, Inc./Internet Software Consortium, Inc. on 9 August 2002. The applicants' responses to Supplemental Questions 1, 2, and 3 have been posted.

Preliminary Evaluation Report Issued

A preliminary version of the staff evaluation report was posted on 19 August 2002. It is based on four underlying reports, which were also posted on 19 August 2002:

Gartner, Inc. Evaluation Report (technical aspects)
Academic CIO Evaluation Report (technical aspects)
NCDNHC Evaluation Report (usage aspects)
ICANN General Counsel Evaluation Report (procedural aspects)

Comments on these reports are invited. They should be sent by e-mail to <>. Please note that comments received will be sorted into categories and posted for public review.

Schedule for Remainder of Selection Process

29 August 2002 - Last day for comments by applicants and members of the public on the preliminary staff evaluation report. Comments should be sent by e-mail to <>. Please note that comments received will be posted for public review.

5 September 2002 - Based on the comments received through 29 August 2002, the preliminary report will be finalized and posted.

6-23 September 2002 - Public comment period on finalized evaluation report. Comments should be sent by e-mail to <>. Comments received will be posted for Board and public review.

16 September 2002 - Each applicant is invited to submit by this date a commentary, no more than 5000 words long, on the final evaluation report. The commentaries will be provided to the ICANN Board and posted shortly after they are received.

Late-September 2002 - The ICANN Board will consider the evaluation report at a telephone meeting.

Mid-October 2002 - Target date for completion of a registry agreement between ICANN and the selected successor operator of the registry for the .org top-level domain.

1 January 2003 - The contracted successor operator will assume responsibility for operation of the .org top-level domain.