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NASK and ICANN Move Forward on Automated DNS Root Zone Management Software Development

5 juillet 2006

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NASK, the registry of Internet names under the .PL domain, and ICANN have reached an agreement on the licensing of the NASK-developed "e-IANA" root zone management software. NASK has elected to make their e-IANA software available under a liberal, non-exclusive Open Source license, allowing ICANN to use the e-IANA system as a basis for development of an automated root zone management system that would allow IANA to more efficiently and effectively manage changes in the Internet's root zone.

The e-IANA software, developed by NASK using the most recent and advanced technologies and programming methods, will enable increased automated management of the DNS root zone database. As part of the agreement between NASK and ICANN, NASK has contributed the e-IANA code base to ICANN and ICANN has committed to contribute all code modifications back into the Open Source e-IANA code base. By insuring any changes made to the e-IANA code base remains Open Source, ICANN aims to reaffirm its commitment to open and transparent processes, including those processes offered via automated services, as well as insuring the source code for an automated root management software package is available now and in the future.

With requirements originally specified by CENTR, the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries, NASK has implemented software to provide a streamlined, simplified root zone management workflow that has been extensively tested by CENTR members and others. ICANN has begun the process of tailoring the NASK e-IANA software to meet IANA's specific requirements and has great confidence that the use of root zone management software based upon the NASK e-IANA code can significantly improve root management services.

Subject to contractual obligations and both contracted and public code audits and security reviews, IANA plans to launch a public test of the Open Source e-IANA code base following the ICANN meeting just held in Marrakech, Morocco, 26-30 June, 2006.

ICANN deeply appreciates the contributions made by NASK and their willingness to offer the e-IANA software under such liberal terms. ICANN looks forward to working with NASK and other interested parties including ICANN's Country Code Name Supporting Organization, CENTR, and other domain name related organizations as the e-IANA software evolves to help manage the critical and ever changing requirements associated with modifying the root zone of the Internet.