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ICANN Opens Comment Period on Revised Telnic Contract Amendment

19 octobre 2007

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ICANN is opening a public comment period on revised contract changes to alter the terms for the public display of Whois information in the .TEL Registry Agreement. A comment period on the Telnic proposal was initially conducted from 11 May 2007 through 28 June 2007. Following the ICANN meeting in San Juan, ICANN and Telnic engaged in ongoing discussions to reach resolution of Telnic's Whois proposal. Based on input received from the community, ICANN and Telnic discussed the proposed contract changes and Telnic significantly amended its original proposal. In addition, ICANN is engaged in consultations with the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office to understand the reported conflict between UK Privacy Law and the requirements of the ICANN registry agreement with Telnic.

The revised proposal includes an amendment to Appendix S, Part VI of the .TEL Registry Agreement. Under the revised proposal, Telnic will continue to publish full Whois information for legal persons. Telnic will collect from registrars full Whois information for natural persons, but only limited information will be displayed. Requestors seeking full contact information for natural persons may use a secure Special Access Service to obtain non-public data.

A copy of the proposed amendment to Appendix S is available at [PDF, 77K], and a copy of the proposed amendment to the .TEL Registry Agreement is available at
[PDF, 25K]. Comments on the revised contract amendments may be submitted to until 10 November 2007 23:59 UTC and may be viewed at All documentation regarding this proposed contract change and corresponding comment forum has been previously posted as part of the Registry Services Evaluation Process at The previous comment period can be viewed at