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Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel

(Updated 5 March 2012)

Under Section 1.4 of the Registry Services Evaluation Policy, "the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel" shall consist of a total of 20 persons expert in the design, management and implementation of the complex systems and standards-protocols utilized in the Internet infrastructure and DNS (the "Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel"). The members of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel will be selected by its Chair. The Chair of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel will be a person who is agreeable to both ICANN and the registry constituency of the supporting organizations then responsible for generic top level domain registry policies. All members of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel and the Chair shall execute an agreement requiring that they shall consider the issues before the panel neutrally and according to the definitions of Security and Stability. For each matter referred to the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel, the Chair shall select no more than five members from the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel to evaluate the referred matter, none of which shall have an existing competitive, financial, or legal conflict of interest, and with due regard to the particular technical issues raised by the referral.

All members of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel serve on the Panel and, if and when selected to do so, on any Review Team as individual experts. Panel members' organizational affiliation and country of residence are included in the membership list (below) in the interest of transparency and disclosure only. In their actions and statements as Panel and Review Team members, these individuals do not represent either their affiliated organizations or the country in which they reside in any way.

The current members of the Panel are:

Rob Blokzijl (RIPE; Netherlands)

Jordyn Buchanan (Google; USA)

Lyman Chapin (Chair; Interisle Consulting Group; USA)

Mouhamet Diop (NEXT SA; Senegal)

Patrik Fältström (Frobbit; Sweden)

Jayantha Fernando (LK Domain Name Registry; Sri Lanka)

Tony Harris (CABASE; Argentina)

Paul Hoffman (VPN Consortium; USA)

Hiro Hotta (JPRS; Japan)

Johan Ihrén (Netnod; Sweden)

Mark Kosters (ARIN; USA)

Glenn Kowack (RiverOnce, LLC; USA)

Lars-Johan Liman (Netnod; Sweden)

Kurtis Lindqvist (Internet Technology Advisors; Sweden)

Cricket Liu (Infoblox; USA)

Allison Mankin (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Mark McFadden (InterConnect Communications; UK)

Paul Mockapetris (Nominum; USA)

Russ Mundy (SPARTA; USA)

Frederico Neves (; Brazil)

Mike St. Johns (NthPermutation Security; USA)

Andrew Sullivan (Consultant; Canada)

Wil Tan (Cloud Registry; Australia)

Former Panelists:

Xiaodong Lee (CNNIC, China), 2009-2011

Len Bayles (Afilias; USA), 2006-2008

Rodney Joffe (UltraDNS/NeuStar; USA), 2006-2008

Cassidy Sehgal-Kolbet (Axiom Legal/Colgate-Palmolive; USA), 2006-2007

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