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Registry Services Announcements

Addition to Website and Announcement of Information Page on Requests for New Registry Services
As part of ICANN's effort to support a timely, open and transparent process for the evaluation of new registry services, ICANN has today added a link in the Current Issues menu of the ICANN website to the Registry Services Evaluation Process. This page serves as the information area for the Registry Services Evaluation Policy and requests for new registry services.
13 September 2006

ICANN Announces Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel and Launch of the Registry Request Service
ICANN is pleased to announce additional information regarding the process for considering proposed registry services including: description of process detail, the development of an online tool for submissions, and the introduction of the members of the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel...
30 August 2006

ICANN Announces Implementation of the Process for Review of New gTLD Registry Services
ICANN announces the implementation of the process for review of new gTLD Registry Services and adoption of the Registry Services Evaluation Process.
25 July 2006

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