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gTLD Registry Continuity

ICANN has developed a gTLD Registry Continuity Framework in collaboration with experienced gTLD, ccTLD registries and members of the technical community.

The overall goals of ICANN's gTLD Registry Continuity Framework are

  1. the protection of existing registrants and
  2. to ensure confidence in the DNS.

The development of the framework has been guided by the following ICANN Core Values:

1. Preserving and enhancing the operational stability, reliability, security, and global interoperability of the Internet.

8. Making decisions by applying documented policies neutrally and objectively, with integrity and fairness.

9. Acting with a speed that is responsive to the needs of the Internet while, as part of the decision-making process, obtaining informed input from those entities most affected.

News and Project Updates

Since late 2009, ICANN has been updating the gTLD Registry Continuity Plan into a framework based on recognized international standards for business continuity. The framework is an internal process for contingencies involving gTLD registries, and is part of overall ICANN Business Continuity efforts. ICANN has also been testing gTLD registry data escrow with escrow agents and several gTLD registries. Testing results will be reported later in the year.

ICANN Continuity Efforts Timeline 2009 through 2010

Current ICANN gTLD Registry Continuity Plan

ICANN has updated the gTLD Registry Continuity Plan [PDF, 96K] to be consistent with current terminology in the draft Applicant Guidebook for the new gTLD process and following the Joint ICANN-gTLD Registry Continuity Exercise conducted on 28 January 2009. The implementation procedures for the gTLD Registry Continuity Plan will be posted on this page in the near future.

Previous Timeline

Document Archive

For further information on ICANN activities in this area, please see the document archive.

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