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Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

Consistent with ICANN's obligation to promote and encourage robust competition in the domain name space, the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy aims to provide a straightforward procedure for domain name holders to transfer their names from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another should they wish to do so. The policy also provides standardized requirements for registrar handling of such transfer requests from domain name holders.

  1. Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (Takes effect 1 June 2012)
  2. Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (Adopted 7 November 2008 | In effect until 31 May 2012)
  3. The Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (12 July 2004)
  4. Standardized Form for Gaining Registrars (12 July 2004)
  5. Standardized Form for Losing Registrars (12 July 2004)

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The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy was developed through ICANN's consensus policy development process. The 29 policy recommendations contained in the Transfer Task Force's report to the GNSO were accepted by the GNSO Council and adopted by the ICANN Board in early 2003. As instructed by the Board, ICANN staff consulted with a Transfer Assistance Group (TAG) consisting of members of the community and GNSO constituencies in order to coordinate implementation of the new transfer procedures. All ICANN-accredited registrars and unsponsored gTLD registry operators are required to follow this policy.

The Board adopted certain revisions to the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy in November 2008.

On 12 July 2004, ICANN announced the adoption of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy comprised of finalized policy documents, available below. The policy is in effect beginning on 12 November 2004. The original policy recommendations require a review of the policy at intervals of three, six, and twelve months after implementation. This area will be updated as necessary with requests for public input into the review process and any revised implementation details .

Background Documents

  1. Staff Report on Experiences with Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (14 April 2005)
  2. Announcement: ICANN Requests Comments on Experiences with Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (12 January 2005)
  3. Announcement: ICANN Domain Name Transfer Policy Becomes Effective (12 November 2004)
  4. Announcement: ICANN Approves Dispute Resolution Providers for Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (8 November 2004)
  5. Update: Implementation of New Consensus Policies Applicable to gTLD Registrars (21 September 2004)
  6. Advisory concerning Inter-Registrar Transfers (12 July 2004)
  7. Call for Interest of Dispute Resolution Service Providers
  8. Second Update on Transfer Policy Implementation Process (31 March 2004)
  9. First Update on Transfer Policy Process (5 November 2003)
  10. Task Force's Final Report on Gaining and Losing Registrars (February 2003)

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