Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Registrar Advisories

The following advisories and announcements posted by ICANN concern topics of interest to ICANN-Accredited Registrars:

31 July 2013 Advisory: Registrar Implementation of the 2013 RAA's Whois Requirements
Updated 8 December 2011 Advisory Concerning Posting of Registrar Fees for Restoring Deleted Domain Names
17 December 2009 Advisory Concerning Posting of Registrar Fees for Restoring Deleted Domain Names
5 October 2009 Advisory: Availability of Bulk Transfers in Individual gTLDs
15 May 2009 Advisory: OnlineNIC Transfer Issues Resolved
17 December 2008 Advisory: Add Grace Period Limits Policy
3 April 2008 ICANN Issues Advisory Regarding the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
21 September 2004 Advisory: Registrar Expired Name Market Developments
12 July 2004 Announcement of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
9 July 2004 SSAC Wildcard Report: A Report from the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) on Redirection in the COM and NET Domains
19 March 2004 Ten New Sponsored TLD Applications Received
20 February 2004 ICANN approves temporary procedures to improve the transfer mechanism for IDN registrations
17 February 2004 New ICANN Staff Appointments
13 November 2003 U.S. Federal Court Denies Plaintiffs' Request for Preliminary Injunction in Dotster v. ICANN Lawsuit
3 October 2003 Advisory Concerning Demand to Remove VeriSign's Wildcard
20 June 2003 Deployment of Internationalized Domain Names
16 June 2003 Whois Data Reminder Policy Posted
3 April 2003 Registrar Advisory Concerning the "15-day Period" in Whois Accuracy Requirements
21 February 2003 Registry Monthly Reports Now Available on ICANN Website
7 January 2003 Advisory Concerning .org Transition
29 December 2002 Advisory Concerning Settlement of .biz Class-Action Lawsuits
14 October 2002 ICANN Board Selects New .org Registry Operator
3 September 2002 ICANN Announces Steps to Improve Whois Data Accuracy
6 June 2002 Registrar Advisory Concerning Registration Transfers Within the Auto-Renew Grace Period
10 May 2002 Registrar Advisory Concerning Whois Data Accuracy
8 April 2002 Advisory Concerning Deceptive Notices from "XChange Dispute Resolution"
12 February 2002 Registrar Advisory Concerning Inappropriate Lending of Registry Access
12 December 2001 Advisory Concerning VeriSign Global Registry Services' ".com/.net Promotion"
12 October 2001 Advisory Concerning Smiley Litigation
23 August 2001 Third Advisory Concerning Equitable Allocation of Shared Registration System Resources
14 August 2001 Advisory Concerning Unqualified .info "Sunrise" Registrations
10 August 2001 Second Advisory Concerning Equitable Allocation of Shared Registration System Resources
16 July 2001 Equitable Allocation of Shared Registration System Resources
9 July 2001 "A Unique, Authoritative Root for the DNS" Finalized
15 February 2001 Announcement Concerning "Electronic Domain Name Monitoring"
2 February 2001 Third Advisory Concerning v. Verio Litigation
26 December 2000 Second Advisory Concerning v. Verio Litigation
16 November 2000 Consumer Alert from US Federal Trade Commission: "Domain Name Registration Scams"
3 November 2000 Advisory Concerning Regland Litigation
29 September 2000 ICANN Update - Names Council Warns Pre-Registration of Speculative New Domain Names Is Premature
24 September 2000 Advisory Concerning v. Verio Litigation
7 July 2000 Drops Lawsuit, Agrees to ICANN's Terms
20 June 2000 Advisory Concerning Afternic Litigation
7 January 2000 Comment Concerning Trailing-Hyphen Domain Names Issued

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