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Notice of Preliminary Determination To Grant Registrar Data Retention Waiver Request for NAMEWEB BVBA

21 March 2014

ICANN has made a preliminary determination that it is prepared to grant a data retention waiver request submitted by Registrar NAMEWEB BVBA under the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (the "2013 RAA")....

Public Comment Invited: Proposal for the Use of Mandatory Policy Advisory Boards for Regulated Industry Sector and Consumer-Trust-Sensitive New gTLD Strings

21 March 2014

Forum Announcement: Comment Period Opens on Date: 21 March 2014 Categories/Tags: Top-Level Domains Contracted Party Agreements Purpose (Brief): The purpose of this public comment period is to obtain feedback and collect broader community...

ICANN Expands Global Stakeholder Engagement Team

20 March 2014

Click here to watch an interview with Michael Yakushev:

Audio Files, Transcripts from Community Calls with ICANN Board Chair and CEO

19 March 2014

Were you unable to join the community call with ICANN Board Chair Steve Crocker and ICANN President and CEO Fadi Chehadé on Saturday? Don't worry that you missed out, because an audio file and...

Annual Independent Audit RFP

18 March 2014

ICANN is issuing today a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify audit firms interested in performing ICANN's annual independent audit.

Full information is given in the RFP which can be found...

Internet Technical Leaders Welcome IANA Globalization Progress

14 March 2014

The leaders of the Internet technical organizations responsible for coordination of the Internet infrastructure (IETF, IAB, RIRs, ccTLD ROs,...

Administrator of Domain Name System Launches Global Multistakeholder Accountability Process

14 March 2014

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) today launched a process to transition the role of the United States Government relating to the Internet's unique identifiers system. 


ICANN Grants Data Retention Waiver to OVH SAS

12 March 2014


OVH SAS ("Registrar") submitted to ICANN a Registrar Data Retention Waiver Request ("Waiver Request") on the basis of Registrar's contention that compliance with the data collection and/or retention requirements of the Data Retention...

Panel on Global Internet Cooperation & Governance Mechanisms Submits NETMundial Contribution Following Sunnylands Meeting

11 March 2014

RANCHO MIRAGE, CALIF. – On March 7, the Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms submitted a contribution to NETMundial following their second meeting to discuss guiding principles for a global Internet governance ecosystem at The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California....

Draft Implementation Plan for the WHOIS Online Accuracy and Reporting System

11 March 2014

Forum Announcement: Comment Period Opens on Date: 11 March 2014 Categories/Tags: WHOIS Accuracy Statistics Purpose (Brief): The Draft Implementation Plan describes ICANN...


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