Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC)

Fast Flux Hosting

Final Report of the GNSO Fast Flux Hosting Working Group [PDF

Attacks Against Domain Registration Services

Phishers Are Casting Nets for Your Domain Names & DNS [HTML]

Avoid Falling Victim to a Registrar Phishing Attack [HTML]

Measures to protect (University) domain registrations and DNS against attacks [HTML]

How To Protect Yourself Against Domain Name Hijackers [HTML]

Add "Protect Domain Name" To The Security Checklist [HTML]

DNS Pharming [HTML]

Domain Hijacking Takes ICANN Spotlight [HTML]

Attacks against the DNS (Name resolution)

Before You Consider DNS Blocking First Do No Harm [HTML]

Blocking DNS [HTML]
(also appears as) COICA and Secure DNS [HTML]

Taking Back the DNS [HTML]

Anycast, Unicast or Both? [HTML] On Mandated Content Blocking in the DNS [HTML] Using Domain Filtering to Effect IP Address Filtering [HTML] Domain Names Without Dots [HTML] DNS Migration: How to Minimize Problems When Switching DNS Providers [HTML] In Defense of BIND Open Source DNS Software Yields Better Breed Secure Product [HTML]

"What DNS is Not," Paul Vixie, ACMQueue, November 5, 2009 [HTML]

Is Your Caching Resolver Polluting the Internet? [HTML]

Measurements and Laboratory Simulations of the Upper DNS Hierarchy [HTML]

DNS Denial of Service Attacks

BCP 38, RFC 2827, Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing [HTML]

Firewall Best Practices - Egress Traffic Filtering [HTML]

Anatomy of a DNS DDoS Amplification Attack [HTML

Worrisome Threat of DNS DDoS Attacks [PDF

Multilingual support in TLD labels

"Multilingual Internet" has many dimensions [HTML]

Alternative Registries and Roots

Putting Multiple Root Nameserver Issue to Rest [HTML]

DNS Security

Three Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Deploy DNSSEC Now [HTML]

DNSSEC Deployment Reaching Critical Mass [HTML]

Attacking the Internet's Core [HTML]

Internet Measurement Data Management Challenges [PDF]

Protect IP Technical Whitepaper [PDF]

Operational Implications of the DNS Control Plane [PDF]

DNSSEC Explained (ICANN SSAC Workshop, Marrakech, MA 25 June 2006) [PDF]

DNS Security Extensions [HTML]

It’s Time For Enterprises To Take On DNS Security [HTML]

The Power of Ideas: Internet Governance in a Global Multi- Stakeholder Environment, Chapter 4: Security of the Domain Name System [PDF]

IP version 6 (IPv6)

Don't Use Firewalls as an Excuse to Ignore IPv6 [HTML]

Eight Security Considerations for IPv6 Deployment [HTML]

IPV4 Address Space Consumption [HTML]

Are commercial firewalls ready for IP version 6 [PDF]

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