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Welcome to E-Learning where you will find multimedia options that enable you to learn more about the various initiatives and programs currently going on at ICANN. With additional content being incrementally added over time, it's all free so click on the buttons below to explore the relevant pages where you can either pre-register for an upcoming event or download a previous podcast, audio briefing or webinar session.


What is a podcast?

A "podcast" is audio or video content distributed on the Internet in episodes that have a consistent format. Audio podcasts from ICANN play in any MP3 player (using Windows Media Player, Quicktime, iTunes, etc). You can listen to individual episodes by selecting an episode and clicking its title to download it. If you subscribe to our podcasts in iTunes, each new episode we publish will automatically download to your computer and play in iTunes on demand.


What is a webinar?

A "webinar" is a seminar delivered via the World Wide Web. These webinars differ from the presentations on our site, in that a webinar plays as video in your browser. You'll see slides and hear what the audience heard, as if you had attended the presentation.

Audio Briefings

What is an audio briefing?

An "audio briefing" is a recorded interview or lecture that covers topics in depth. Hear well-qualified, well-informed experts from the ICANN community provide the context you need for forming opinions on complex issues. How does an audio briefing differ from a podcast? Because an audio briefing is a one-time event, the briefings vary in length and format, and cannot be subscribed to. A podcast follows a consistent format, publishes periodically, and can be subscribed to using an RSS reader or iTunes.

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