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Name: Fred Trotter
Date:21 Apr 2023
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Obviously, language that gives "any" government special status over domain names is tantamount to the shifting away from an Open Internet to a censorship paradigm. A removal of liability for Verisign (et al) is also unacceptable.

But more troubling is how this happened in the first place. Both of these elements are critical components of the Internet's ability to resist powers that would seek to completely undermine due process. How did this language come to be? How does an organization like ICANN get to a place where things like this "slip in" to contract language?

This is a fundemental "what would you say you do here?" moment for ICANN. Its this organizations job to put a stop to changes like this.. not facilitate them. This demonstrates a fundemtnal lack of commitment to the organizations charter in favor of corporate and government interests.

Please try and do better.

-Fred Trotter

Summary of Submission

I am against the removal of due process in this proposal.