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Name: Joshua Moon
Date:25 Apr 2023
Affiliation: 1776 Solutions, LLC
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I am the owner of several .NET domains, including one of the most recognizable in the world - KIWIFARMS.NET

My opinion after seeing these proposed amendments is that ICANN must be destroyed and replaced, or returned to the United States. This current organization is illegitimate and cannot be trusted to maintain free and open communications on the Internet. I hope to live long enough to see ICANN burn.

The redlines in this renewal are disgusting and disgraceful, but unfortunately inevitable. Once Obama donated ICANN to the UN, its degradation and lack of integrity were impossible to avoid. What inspires ICANN to test this absurd scheme on .NET in particular leaves a lot to the imagination.

There is no agency which can be trusted to uphold American values and protect freedom of speech and freedom of expression which is accountable to any court outside the United States. There is a reason why I choose companies based in the United States which have a long history of not meddling in the affairs of registrants and their business without a court order compelling them to. To suddenly change this after decades of Verisign being the silent and effective workhorse powering the largest websites on the Internet clearly indicates there is corruption and rot to the very core of ICANN and the individuals running it.

These are not sane amendments written in good faith by a trustworthy committee, these are fracture lines deliberately designed to debilitate Versign's integrity, drafted with the foresight of how it is to be exploited, to be carved into something that already functions and does not need change.

Kind regards,

Joshua Moon

Summary of Submission

ICANN should be destroyed.