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Name: At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Policy staff in support of the At-Large Community
Date: 25 Oct 2022
Affiliation: ALAC
Summary of Attachment

Attached (PDF) is the ALAC Statement on the Pilot Holistic Review Draft Terms of Reference. Ratification information is included on the first page.


Kind Regards,

ICANN Policy Staff in support of the At-Large Community

Summary of Submission

The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) and the At-Large community are clear on the purpose and potential of recommendation 3.5 from the Third Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT3). As with other recommendations made by ATRT3, this recommendation is fully supported, as outlined in the January 2020 ALAC statement. 

The ALAC and At-Large community strongly endorse the principle of a regularized Holistic Review as part of the overall ICANN org Review cycle. Therefore, we support the proposed draft Terms of Reference (ToR) while the Holistic Review is in this pilot phase. 

The ALAC and At-Large welcome this opportunity to respond to the specific questions posed in the call for Public Comment. Please note that the ALAC and At-Large:

1. Support the Pilot Holistic Review Terms of Reference as drafted.

2. Agree that the Holistic Review Program outlined in Section II of the Draft Terms of Reference provides a clear approach to accomplishing ATRT3’s objectives while addressing the information gaps identified by the ICANN Board.

3. Agree that the steps and the deliverables associated with each ATRT3 recommendation 3.5 objectives, as described in Section II of the Terms of Reference, are clearly defined and outline the scope of work for the Pilot Holistic Review.

4. Appreciate the clarity that the steps and the deliverables associated with each ATRT3 Recommendation 3.5 objective, as described in Section II of the Terms of Reference, explain how Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees, and Nominating Committee (as well as their constituent parts) participate in the process of establishing a Holistic Review Program.