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Name: Business Constituency
Date: 13 Feb 2023
Affiliation: ICANN Business Constituency (BC)
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Summary of Submission

The BC is in general agreement of the funding and expense scenarios for the draft Operating and Financial Plans for FY24-28 and FY24.  

The BC accepts the proposed ‘base-case’ funding forecast of $145.3 million for FY24, rising to a projected $152.7 million by FY28.  We also note that “ICANN plans for operating expenses to remain at or lower than budgeted funding, drawing from designated and available funding sources”, with $145 million for FY24 rising to $153 million in FY28. 

The funding and expenses represent a reasonable reflection of current and expected activities. However, in the attached, the BC comments on the need to fund policy work related to DNS Abuse and NIS2.