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Shaping ICANN’s Future

2013 年 07 月 12 日
作者: Denise Michel

A multi-lingual strategic planning portal was launched last month so individuals and organizations throughout the world can help create a new, overarching vision and five-year strategic plan for ICANN.

Building on previous discussions about how to help prepare ICANN for an increasingly complex world, we are requesting comments on eight key areas of consideration for the new strategic plan:

  1. Role ClarityWhat does a clear articulation of ICANN’s role in 2018 contain?
  2. CommunityThinking ahead to 2018, what attributes and characteristics do ICANN’s evolved, successful community structures and processes have? What do they look like?
  3. UsersHow might ICANN engage this broad, end-user base over the next five years?
  4. Internationalization & Regional DevelopmentWhat must ICANN do by 2018 to be considered by the community a sufficiently international, multi-stakeholder organization?
  5. Internet GovernanceWhat does effective Internet Governance look like in 2018?  
  6. Security & StabilityWhat must ICANN do to ensure a secure and stable system of unique identifiers for the Internet, with the complexity and reach anticipated in 2018?
  7. Operational ExcellenceWhat does an improved, efficient, adaptive, agile ICANN of 2018 look like?
  8. Domain Name Industry EngagementWhat should ICANN’s role be over the next five years for this industry?

In addition to sharing input online through August, you can join discussions on these key strategic planning areas at the ICANN meeting in Durban. On Monday, 15 July at 10:30 (SAST) in Hall 6, ICANN will host a professionally facilitated, interactive session for the community. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in cross-community conversations and brainstorming sessions to help define ICANN’s long-term goals.

All input will be carefully considered, and a proposed strategic vision and plan will be shared for public comment in October.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Denise Michel

前任 SSR2 Review Team Co-Chair