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ICANN's Middle East and Africa Regional Office in Istanbul: Five Years and Counting

2019 年 01 月 15 日
作者: Nick Tomasso


2018 was an important year for ICANN as it celebrated its 20th anniversary and successfully completed the first Key Signing Key (KSK) rollover. For our Middle East and Africa regional office in Istanbul, 2018 marked the celebration of its fifth-year anniversary. Since its establishment in 2013, the Istanbul office has served as the focal point for stakeholders in this region and globally; providing consistent and cohesive tailored services to our stakeholders.

During these five years,

  • We grew from just a few staff members in the region to twenty-five;
  • The number of countries we engaged with grew from twenty to over sixty,
  • The number of services provided via the Istanbul office grew from two to eleven, helping us deliver increasingly efficient ICANN services and expertise at the local level.

The "Five Years in Focus" report will provide you with an overview of our growth in numbers and introduce you to the ICANN organization's team in the Middle East and Africa.

Please take a look at our report and join me in thanking all those who have made the Istanbul office a base for ICANN presence in this part of the world.

To many more years of growing together!

ICANN functions represented in the Istanbul regional office, and breakdown between the number of ICANN Staff members and interns
Middle East Engagement Map (participating countries since April 2013)
Africa Engagement Map (participating countries since April 2013)


Nick Tomasso