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The Recording is Now Available for the ICANN Informational Session on DNS Abuse

2021 年 11 月 8 日

This announcement is an update to a previous announcement published on 18 October 2021.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board hosted an informational session on Domain Name System (DNS) abuse on 22 October 2021, in advance of ICANN72. The session materials and recording are now available here.

The malicious use of domain names, often referred to as DNS abuse, has been a topic of significant interest for stakeholders for many years. The ICANN Board held this discussion with a panel of senior Internet security professionals. The session was designed to allow the ICANN Board to engage directly with various experts as it continues to formulate its views on what are the appropriate roles and responsibilities for ICANN in mitigating DNS abuse.

To read the biographies of the panelists, click here and to access the materials and recording, click here.


ICANN 的使命在于确保全球互联网的稳定、安全与统一。在互联网上寻找另一个人的信息,您必须在您的电脑或其他设备中键入一个地址——可以是一个名称或是一串数字。这一地址必须是独一无二的,只有这样电脑之间才能互相识别。ICANN 则负责协调这些分布在全球各地的唯一标识符。ICANN 成立于 1998 年,是一家非营利公益型企业,其成员遍布全球各地。