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RSSAC Restructure Update and Statement on RSSAC 001 and 002

2014 年 06 月 22 日


RSSAC Restructure Update

ICANN's Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) continues to make progress on its restructuring efforts. Since ICANN 49 in Singapore:

Statement on RSSAC 001 and RSSAC 002

The ICANN RSSAC is currently working on two documents with draft titles "Service Expectations of DNS Root Name Servers" and "RSSAC Recommendation on Measurements of the Root Server System".

RSSAC realizes that parts of the larger community are waiting for these documents to be published and wish to know when this will happen. At the same time, RSSAC is undergoing a massive change from a relatively informal group to a formal committee appointed by the ICANN board with a larger caucus doing the actual work. This process is not complete. In particular, the caucus has not been established. The current timeline calls for an initial caucus to be in place by July 2014.

In the meantime work has been done on the two documents. Their current drafts can be found in the "related documents" section below. RSSAC would like to see these documents published as soon as possible. However, RSSAC strongly feels that, in its new structure, it cannot publish these documents without input from the caucus. Therefore, the community should not expect these documents to be ready before the autumn of 2014.

RSSAC encourages everyone interested in seeing these documents published to join the RSSAC caucus and help to bring them to publication.

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