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Public Comment: Publication for Public Comments of the Draft Final Report of the RSSAC Review Working Group

2010 年 04 月 27 日


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Updated 10 May 2010

The RSSAC Review Working Group releases today its draft Final Report [PDF, 212 KB] for public comments.

The Report presents the draft conclusions and recommendations of the Working Group on the review process of RSSAC, the DNS Root Server System Advisory Committee. The Working Group based its draft report on the final report of the external reviewers [PDF, 349 KB] and on comments received from community.

Public comments will be received until the 5 June 2010, and then the Working Group will finalize its report to the Board.

Translations of the draft final R eport are now available:

[PDF, 400 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 620 KB] Français [PDF, 628 KB] Русский [PDF, 660 KB] 中文 [PDF, 540 KB]